If Carlsberg sold pricing software – content marketing that ticks all the boxes.

A while back, I put together a thought-leadership checklist to evaluate how well any material I produce is likely to perform. Here’s a reminder:

  • Relevance – does the content discuss real problems for target customers?
  • Interesting – will it hold peoples’ attention?
  • Novel – is it new or will our customers have seen this somewhere before?
  • Differentiated – is this different to the material my competitors are producing?
  • Brand enhancing – will customers think better of my brand after reading this?
  • Call to action – is it clear what customers should do next?
  • Lead generating – is the content linked to an end to end campaign?

You’d be surprised how much B2B content misses the mark but here’s a great example of some material (not from me) that ticks all the boxes.

It’s new white paper from Boomerang Commerce that discusses how online retailers can set prices to beat Amazon. It’s a dense read but don’t let that put you off. Even if you’re not in this abstruse corner of the software world, you should download the document as a masterclass on how B2B marketers should produce thought leadership.


Some background. I’ve been looking at pricing intelligence software recently. There are a number of vendors, each making largely undifferentiated claims and, in this kind of market, one elegant way to stand out from the crowd is to lead the customers’ thinking. I suspect that the future market leaders will become sources of advice, as well as products, and a thought leadership white paper is a typical way to substantiate this value.

Boomerang have analysed Amazon’s pricing strategy and come up with a methodology to help online retailers fight back against the Internet giant. What I particularly like is that Boomerang has used its own data (the data that new customers will be paying for) to offer some very specific and actionable advice. In doing this, it makes itself look both clever and helpful. If I sold HDMI cables, I’d give them a call.

Extract from Boomerang Commerce white paper.
Extract from Boomerang Commerce white paper.

Even better, they have introduced a new concept called the Price Perception Index which will they would be able to exploit for ongoing press stories and pre-sales consulting.

If Carlsberg did thought leadership it would look like this. Read and enjoy.


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