If a Mannequin Could Talk…. (part two)

Everyone’s talking about iBeacons but remarkably few retailers have the retained customer intelligence needed to make use of them. The technology has no value to a business that simply doesn’t possess the capability to come up with a useful, location-based message.

I’ve posted before about iBeacons. This is an interesting new technology that can help retailers communicate time and location based information to their customers.

I walked past the Hawes and Curtis store in Jermyn Street this morning. It’s my favourite shirt shop. It is also a trial site for the Iconeme iBeacon product.

If you look at the windows, there’s a very strong promotional message based. It’s January, after all.

Jermyn Street window, January 2015
Jermyn Street window, January 2015

As I was looking at the sale poster, my phone pinged with quite a different proposition.

iBeacon "push" message, January 2015, Jermyn Street
iBeacon “push” message, January 2015, Jermyn Street

Welcome to our store. Good, I like that.

Launch our app. Why? I’m outside the store. What’s the point of opening an app when I’ve got the merchandise within reach. Invite me in!

New collection. Eh? The windows have ten foot tall messages about the sale. Why not remind me about the bargains to be found inside?

My guess is that the head office marketing team are excited about the new collection and want to tell everyone about it. Meanwhile, the retail operation has stock to clear.

Joining up departments and joining up customer messaging will be vital if iBeacons aren’t to become a high-tech turn-off.


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