Clear the decks for cross-selling.

Oracle has closed the Micros acquisition and issued a celebratory slide deck from which I’ve extracted one chart.

oracle micros strategy

Micros brings Oracle over 100.000 sites across the world running one of the large variety of EPOS applications rolled up by Micros in the US and Torex in Europe. Key UK customers include Selfridges and Monsoon.  As far as retail is concerned, the strategy looks like a straight cross-sell initiative. Sell Oracle HR, financials, merchandising and marketing software to the Micros base. Sell EPOS, workforce management and loss prevention the other way.

This is going to be challenging, on this side of the Atlantic at least. Micros Retail in Europe is primarily the old Torex business which was strong in mid-market fashion and general merchandise. These clients, with one or two exceptions, simply won’t pay Oracle prices.

There’s also a set of integration challenges ahead. Customers will expect all the new Oracle products to work together but (so I was told) Torex had 98 different software products and versions alone. This will present a few roadmap dilemmas if costs are not to be loaded onto the customers.


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